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  Always highest quality gardening services provided!
Always highest quality gardening services provided!

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A Beautiful Garden In Shoreditch Is No Longer Just A Dream

e1 designing a garden in shoreditchIf you need a dedicated gardening service but are worried that your garden contains things most such companies won't cater for, then Gardeners Shoreditch is the service to turn to. Throughout the N1 area, we've been helping people sort out and maintain their garden no matter the size, shape or content. Our professional gardeners can cater for all items, be they ponds, patios, paving stones, flowerbeds or greenhouses. We can provide general garden maintenance and one-off tidy up in and around garden furniture and monuments. We can provide even radical landscaping. Whatever you need, if you live in Shoreditch, there is bound to be a service to benefit you! So get in touch today on and let's begin making your garden a more enjoyable one.

Battling Seasonal Weather Adversities

Has winter been particularly cruel to your garden this year? Or maybe summer has scorched your poor lawn to bits! Whatever the weather, we can help with our ranges of professional services. From leaf collection to lawn repair and restoration, we can do it all. Our experts can help provide a whole host of packages that can include various specialized services to truly battle the effects of seasonal changes in Shoreditch, N1. Our gardeners are truly experienced in handling gardens throughout the seasons, so you can trust us to keep your garden in safe hands.

Help For Large Families

If you've got a large family and you use the garden regularly, you'll want to make sure that it's safe and enjoyable for everyone. If you live the N1 region, you could take advantage of our multitude of gardening services and maintenance packages. We've also been offering great options on landscaping throughout the area, provided by our professional landscapers who can help reshape your garden. We've been helping families make their home garden a much safer, cleaner and more fun place to be. 

Affordable Packages for Newly Acquired Gardens

n1grass edging shoreditchIf you've just moved into your new house or flat and discovered the garden has been left in a less than desirable state, then who can you turn to? Here in Shoreditch, we've been providing the very best in garden care for a number of years now. If you live within the region and need urgent help to sort out your new garden, don't hesitate to get in touch. If your garden is full of junk, then our garden clearance can help. If the foliage is overgrown, our weed control and hedge trimming and pruning services may be just the thing you need. We also know how expensive it can be when moving, so we always try to keep the prices of our packages affordable.

Let Us Ease Your Burden!

Gardening can be a joy to some, but utter torment to others! Whatever your attitude to maintaining your garden, there's always a bonus in having an extra helping hand. We have many professional gardeners on our books in Shoreditch that can either completely take your garden in their hands, or, perhaps you may only want a helping hand, which is fine for us too! We can offer help with smaller tasks such as general maintenance or hedge trimming too. 

The Most Skilful Professionals

Here at Gardeners Shoreditch, we have spent a long time recruiting the very best gardening staff.  We only hand pick professionals with vast experience in the field who are passionate about what they do. We also only employ experienced and qualified landscape gardeners who can truly deliver top quality landscaping. Therefore, we have managed to build one of the most desirable teams of experts in the N1 area, which is why our reputation has grown so rapidly over the last few years. To speak to one of friendly employees, call us on and learn more about what we can offer you.

testimonials - what customers say

The garden maintenance team from Shoreditch Lawn Care Services were quick, efficient and just a delight to be around. It was brilliant doing business with them as they made things so straightforward.    
Lewis J.
I had tons of waste in my garden after completing some work I was doing in it. I had leaves, branches, grass clippings and more all spread over the garden. It wouldn't be easy to get rid of things myself so I turned to Shoreditch Lawn...    
John Henderson
When I decided to get a lawn in my yard Gardening Company Shoreditch were very helpful and worked hard. The lawn looks perfect and is just what I was hoping for. Thanks to this company I didn't need to do any of the work and the results...    
I wanted to host an outdoor party this summer but my garden needed a serious renovation. Then my neighbour recommended Gardening Company Shoreditch and I'm glad she did. They did an amazing job with my garden. The team was very...    
Gabriel M.
I was sick and tired of the appearance of my garden, but I definitely don't have very green fingers. I looked to find a garden design company in my area and kept hearing about Gardening Company Shoreditch. I found out more about the...    
Gardening Company Shoreditch are an excellent gardening company to work with. Their team did everything they said they were going to do, they paid close attention to detail and consequently my garden was transformed into an amazing...    
Stacy Foster
Great services from a great company! It is hard finding decent gardening professionals because anybody can claim that they are even when they are not. GardenersShoreditch is a great company and it would be my honour to recommend them!    
Lindsay Cunningham
I used Shoreditch Landscapers for a patio cleaning service and they did a great service for the money. The patio of my new house was dirty and had a lot of moss growing on it from years of neglect. I didn't have the right tools and...    
Sharon Wood
I'm happy all round with the quality of service that I received from Shoreditch Landscapers. The team were thorough in their approach and their hard work and effort definitely paid off. My garden looks fantastic and I can't wait to show...    
Dorian T.
How many more times could I look at my garden and not do anything? Not that many, because I finally hired Gardening Services Shoreditch. With their help, I can keep my garden constantly looking and feeling great. They take care of all...    
Haley Skinner

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