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Gardening Services Shoreditch provided an excellent professional landscaping service to our office outside recreational area. Our employees appreciate having a beautiful garden in which to relax during break times.

  • Gordon Pilkington

This is honestly one of the best lawn services I have used. They are the cheapest and the gardeners are friendly yet professional.

  • Britt S.

A fantastic gardening company that provided a top service. GardenersShoreditch were absolutely amazing from the moment they showed up to the time they left my garden in spectacular condition.

  • B. Thornbury

Just used Gardening Services Shoreditch for some hedge trimming and other odd jobs in the garden. Did a lovely job! I'd suggest them to anyone searching for an affordable lawn care source!

  • Lucy L.

The garden maintenance team from Shoreditch Lawn Care Services were quick, efficient and just a delight to be around. It was brilliant doing business with them as they made things so straightforward.

  • Lewis J.

I had tons of waste in my garden after completing some work I was doing in it. I had leaves, branches, grass clippings and more all spread over the garden. It wouldn't be easy to get rid of things myself so I turned to Shoreditch Lawn Care Services. They were able to collect everything swiftly safely, with no fuss. The waste was gone and I didn't have to do a thing. 10/10.

  • John Henderson

When I decided to get a lawn in my yard Gardening Company Shoreditch were very helpful and worked hard. The lawn looks perfect and is just what I was hoping for. Thanks to this company I didn't need to do any of the work and the results are beautiful. Good value for money and friendly gardeners too!

  • Adam

I wanted to host an outdoor party this summer but my garden needed a serious renovation. Then my neighbour recommended Gardening Company Shoreditch and I'm glad she did. They did an amazing job with my garden. The team was very professional, punctual and finished ahead of schedule. Excellent landscaping! Big thanks to all members of the team. I would definitely recommend them.

  • Gabriel M.

I was sick and tired of the appearance of my garden, but I definitely don't have very green fingers. I looked to find a garden design company in my area and kept hearing about Gardening Company Shoreditch. I found out more about the service and price by giving them a call, and I ended up booking with them right away. I dealt with very kind and lovely teams who listened to my wants, and they transformed my garden for me. I got a great deal on price and I love how my garden looks now- thanks!

  • Lizzy

Gardening Company Shoreditch are an excellent gardening company to work with. Their team did everything they said they were going to do, they paid close attention to detail and consequently my garden was transformed into an amazing place. Thank you to the entire team that worked in my garden.

  • Stacy Foster

Great services from a great company! It is hard finding decent gardening professionals because anybody can claim that they are even when they are not. GardenersShoreditch is a great company and it would be my honour to recommend them!

  • Lindsay Cunningham

I used Shoreditch Landscapers for a patio cleaning service and they did a great service for the money. The patio of my new house was dirty and had a lot of moss growing on it from years of neglect. I didn't have the right tools and thought it easier to hire professionals. The job didn't take long and the dirt was expeditiously shifted.

  • Sharon Wood

I'm happy all round with the quality of service that I received from Shoreditch Landscapers. The team were thorough in their approach and their hard work and effort definitely paid off. My garden looks fantastic and I can't wait to show it off to my friends and family!

  • Dorian T.

How many more times could I look at my garden and not do anything? Not that many, because I finally hired Gardening Services Shoreditch. With their help, I can keep my garden constantly looking and feeling great. They take care of all my gardening chores so that I get the best result. I had hated the look of my garden for too long but the results they provide make it look better than I could have dreamed. For a brilliant garden, call them immediately.

  • Haley Skinner

Our office has a sprawling garden. Before moving in with the team, we hired Shoreditch Gardeners to liven up the garden. They made such good use of the available space that it now looks spacious and welcoming. I am in awe of the gardeners who worked their magic on our garden, stupendous skills and workmanship! We wish them luck for the future.

  • Earl R.

I called GardenersShoreditch because my garden was in urgent need of a makeover after many months of neglect. I needed a lot taken care of; rubbish needed to be removed, the lawn and hedges needed to be trimmed and I wanted a new patio built in at the top of my garden. I was expecting all of this to be really expensive, so I was very surprised and happy when I received the quote. The process was not only cheap, but everything was taken care of, leaving me with an easy and stress free experience.

  • Kelley

It's easy to lose control of your garden, especially if you're pushed for time. I was worried about what I would come home to after a two week holiday overseas and so I booked Shoreditch Gardeners to come and sort it out while I was away. They have such bargain services that you can afford the very best and professional gardeners they have working for them. It's not as expensive as you may think and it's great to be able to relax while it's being dealt with by the professionals.

  • Gerry L.

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